Our Tree Farm
We struggled long and hard with the decision to start our own tree farm. And, truth be told, the whole idea scared the fertilizer out of us. It meant an even bigger commitment by our family, both in time and money. And a lot of both. But like so many things in life and business, the Augustine tree farm was ultimately born out of necessity.

Our dramatically growing nursery and landscape business needed a larger and more reliable supply of bigger and better trees of all varieties. Local growers simply didn't have the goods. Others specialized in the smaller garden variety trees you see in most nurseries and big box stores. The few that did grow larger specimens were charging exorbitant prices and couldn't guarantee the quantities we needed. So, in 1997, we decided to dig in and grow our own.

We started small. First, there was just one acre. Then 10. Then 30. And today, the Augustine tree farm spans 60 lush acres on the fertile delta of the Esopus Creek in Kingston. It is a tree paradise. We grow more than 20,000 trees, which include over 30 varieties of the most spectacular hardwoods, ornamentals and evergreens you've ever seen.

The tree farm took a long, long time to come to fruition. It was years before a single tree was sold and years longer before a profit was made. What did start immediately, though, was the work! First the clearing of the fields. Then the land grading. Then planting. Then the constant care and nurturing. After a full day at the nursery or on a jobsite, we would then all go out to the farm and work until dark. It was hard work. But it was also a labor of love. And, as always, we Augustines had great expectations.

We simply wanted the Augustine tree farm to produce the finest quality trees of any tree farm in the Hudson Valley. (How's that for great expectations?) The goal was for Augustine trees to be grander in stature, truer in form and confirmation, and stronger in constitution than our competitors. And we did many things differently to achieve that goal.

Most tree farms cram as many trees as possible onto each and every inch of land. We don't. We give our trees plenty of room to grow and spread out. Many tree farms over fertilize their trees to spur faster growth. And it works, but this practice compromises the tree's long term health and strength. We don't. We use a special organic fertilizer in appropriate measure to help our trees grow at a healthy and proper pace. We also weed and water at a level some might call obsessive. But if you're not obsessive, you simply can't grow better trees. And that's what the Augustine Nursery is about. Better trees for better landscapes.
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