Augustine Nursery
Not Your Garden Variety Nursery
Augustine Nursery has been tending to its business for over 40 years, carefully nurturing its products and services to bring you the very best landscapes of distinction.

We started small, with little business experience, but we had big dreams. Common sense told us that if we wanted to be successful, really successful, we had to be decidedly different and far better than all the garden variety nurseries that populated the area.

Today, Augustine Nursery has grown to become everything we dreamed of and more. We’re a proud family business that treats customers like family and we have a legion of loyal customers who’ll vouch for it.

People often ask us what made us so successful. It’s simple. We tend to our business as if it were a garden – we dig in, plant our ideas, nurture them, and give them room to grow. Our greatest accomplishment is knowing that what we create for you today will endure for many generations to come, leaving a living legacy of enduring beauty and function.

Family Owned Business

About The Nursery

Since 1974

We’re a proud family business that treats customers like family.
Offering Residential & Commercial Customers
A stunning selection of high quality, large scale, estate-grade trees, shrubs, and plants. There are hundreds of varieties, ranging from the most popular to the new and emerging.
Trees we grow ourselves. The Augustine Tree Farm spans 60 lush acres on the fertile delta of the Esopus Creek in Kingston. We have more than 20,000 trees in over 30 varieties of the most spectacular deciduous, ornamentals, and evergreens you’ve ever seen.
Hand-selected shrubs and plants we carefully choose for size, uniformity, and superior quality from the very best growers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
A full menu of nursery services that ranges from planning and design to installation and dress finish for greenscapes, hardscapes, lighting, irrigation, and water features. You can order a full dinner or a la carte.