Fall is the New Spring

Let’s make this the year we redefine the boundaries of the growing season by annexing fall to our planting season! There is so much to love about fall as a gardening season. For one, we can tend to our yards without the blazing heat, not to mention the beauty of the colors as they change around us.

No, fall will no longer simply be the season of the things we have to do to survive winter like raking leaves or cleaning gutters. This fall, let’s do the things we want to do because we want to make our yards and gardens more beautiful than ever when spring awakens once more.

Plant a Large Tree

Fall is a perfect time to think big! Does your yard need a focal point to increase curb appeal? Do you need some shade or perhaps something to help stave off erosion? The root system of a large tree will grow stronger when planted in the fall as the cooler temperatures allow for greater growth without the competition of new top growth. The result is a stronger, better established root system for next spring’s growth.

Get Bulbs in the Ground

It’s easy to pop bulbs in the ground. And you’ll be handsomely rewarded in early spring as they begin to show their beauty. Iris, daffodils, and tulips are just a few varieties that are easy to care for while rewarding you year after year with color.

Fall Vegetable Favorites

Instead of bidding farewell to your vegetable garden for the year, dig in to some of the following fall favorites.

If you love garlic, there’s good reason to grow your own – the spicy flavor of homegrown garlic just can’t be beat and you can use the stalk like scallions. Plant in fall and by June you’ll have an incredible harvest of garlic.
Asparagus is a perennial vegetable and doesn’t need anything special to thrive for years to come. All you need is patience because you shouldn’t harvest year one asparagus. Allow them to grow into dill-like brush. When the brush turns brown, cut it back and wait another season.
Onion are another fall vegetable that will yield a harvest by early summer. Bought in sets, they are easy to plant.

Augustine Nursery can help you with all your fall gardening and yard needs. Did you know we even have our own tree farm? Augustine Tree Farm trees are already established for our climate, and we’ll deliver and plant it for you! No need to wait a generation to enjoy the majesty or shade of a beautiful large tree.